Recipe Ideas featuring Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder Blends
All of the beautiful photos of food below are dishes that have been provided by several of our customers.

Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder

The ORIGINAL Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder
"The Holy Grail of Yummy"

Eggs and Bacon

Scrambled Eggs

Take some Camping

Holiday Meal

Pizza and Ranch Dip

Chicken and Corn

"My husband LOVES the powder so I purchased some for him for Father's Day.
I was so happy that you have an online store!”

Daylight - Green Onion/Garlic Powder


Spaghetti Sauce


""My neighbors just came back from a vacation on the Olympic Peninsula and brought back a bottle of
your green onion powder. I wish that they carried it here in Juneau, Alaska"

Marilyn's Blend - Green Onion/Shallot Powder

Marilyn's Blend Breakfast Sandwich 


Bacon wrapped Asparagus with Rice

""These are AWESOME green onion blends that I would recommend to anybody.
I put them on soups, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs and just about everything"

Thunder - Green Onion/Jalapeno Powder

Baked Vegetables 


Pasta Salad 

""Your Green Onion Blends are INCREDIBLE. We use them everyday on almost everything..."

SunEater - Green Onion/Habanero Powder

Fried Rice using THREE Olympic Onion Blends

Surfboard Tacos

Pasta Salad

""The BEST Culinary Investment you could make today"

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