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Green Onion Powder Olympic Onion - Green Onion Powder $7.00
The "Original" Green Onion Powder!
Contents: 100% Delicious Green Onions. No salt, additives or preservatives of any kind.

Marilyn's Blend $7.00
Green Onion and Shallot Blend
Marilyn's Blend is a tantalizing mix of sweet shallots and green onions.

Daylight Powder $7.00
Green Onion and Garlic Blend
With Olympic Onion's Daylight Powder There's no need to crush garlic or dice onions, just sprinkle and consume. its so good.

Thunder Powder Thunder Powder $7.00
Green Onion and Jalapeno Pepper Blend
A warm and tasty blend! Thunder Powder not only adds the great taste of green onions but, with the addition of Jalapeno peppers, it breathes life into anything you put it on.

Sun-Eater Powder Sun-Eater Powder $7.00
Green Onion and Habanero Pepper Blend
When you really want to turn up the heat, sprinkle on a little Sun-Eater. Habanero peppers and green onions? WHAT?! You have been warned. Enjoy.

Olympic Onion Coffee Mug $20.00
Start your morning off right
Featuring FOUR Logos on one Beautiful 11 ounce, microwave safe coffee cup.

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Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders
“Get some for yourself. Give some to a friend.”