Recipe Ideas featuring Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders    

All of the beautiful photos of food below are dishes that include the addition of Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders. Photos have been provided by several of our customers and Facebook Friends.
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"A co-worker of mine brought back your onion powder when she was traveling for work in WA. 
My husband LOVES the powder so I purchased some for him for Father's Day.
I was so happy that you have an online store!”

Thanks, Kathleen B. | Florida 

Eggs over easy.

Clam Chowder

"You were right, it was the best culinary purchase that I made all day."
David P. | Seattle, WA

"Daylight" Garlic/Green Onion Blend

Halibut Ceviche

Scrambled eggs


Spaghetti Sauce

"My neighbors just came back from a vacation on the Olympic Peninsula and brought back a bottle of
your green onion powder. I wish that they carried it here in Juneau, Alaska."

Marty L. | Juneau, AK

"Thunder" Jalapeno/Green Onion Blend


Baked Veggies

Pasta Salad


Fried Rice

"I use your green onion powder on everything!"
Steve N. | San Diego, CA

"Sun-Eater" Habanero/Green Onion Blend


Picnic Condiment

Savory Oatmeal


Please submit photos of your favorite dishes using our Onion Powder Blends to inspire others like you, and us, who love the impulsive act of adding the savory flavor and mouth-watering taste of Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders to their favorite foods.

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Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders
“Get some for yourself. Give some to a friend.”


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