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Last year, around this same time of year, Olympic Onion introduced two new Green Onion Powder Blends to our line of dried green onion powders, "THUNDER", a Green Onion and Jalapeno Pepper Blend and "SUN-EATER, a Green Onion and Habanero Pepper Blend.

And now Olympic Onion Farm is proud to announce the fourth addition to our Green Onion Powder Blends. "DAYLIGHT" a Green Onion and Garlic Powder Blend. This flavorful blend of Green Onions and Garlic make dicing and crushing a thing of the past. Just add a pinch or two of "DAYLIGHT" to your favorite recipes.

Daylight-Garlic/Green Onion Blend



Our Green Onion Powder Blends are available at several retail outlets throughout Washington. Just ask for it by name at your favorite:
*Organic Markets
*Gourmet Specialty Stores
*Northwest Themed Gift Shops

As you can see from the Recipe Idea page from all our friends on Facebook, Green Onion Powder is very popular and rare as a cooking spice. However, what you may not realize is that there isn’t anything like this offered on any of the spice racks at your local grocery stores.

Thousands of customers love our Green Onion Powder Blends, and tourist eat it up too. As a regionally produced product from the Olympic Peninsula, our Green Onion Powder Blends travel easily back home with you, and it makes a great gift to give to friends from your travels to the Pacific Northwest.

Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders
“Get some for yourself. Give some to a friend.”


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