Our Mission

Onion Farmer, Vince

Olympic Onion Farm is committed to producing delicious Green Onion Powder Blends, hand-crafted with pride on the Olympic Peninsula.

Do you like the flavor of Green Onions?

If you do, then our goal is to make you a customer.

As a regular consumer of any of our Green Onion Powder Blends, Olympic Onion Farm promises to provide you with Organic, Salt-Free, Gluten-Free, dried Green Onion Powder Blends. Olympic Onion uses only 100% Delicious Green Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Habanero Peppers, and Garlic in the creation of our hand-crafted Green Onion Powder Blends.

Olympic Onion Farm, LLC

Olympic Onion Farm is located in the lavender-laden, farming community of Sequim, Washington. Also known around here as the warn and sunny 'Blue Hole' of the Pacific Northwest.

Olympic Onion Green Onion Powders
“Get some for yourself. Give some to a friend.”


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